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  • Name: Salomere Ja'Fell

  • Nicknames: Sal, Sarah Gibson

  • Race/Species: Doberman Succubus

  • Age: 400

  • Facebook: Neremath Ja'Fell, Dorcan Ja'Fell

  • Occupation: Dream Engineer (officially 'office manager')

  • Introduced: Strip #97

  • Diet: Surprise, fear

  • Clan Affiliation: Dynarith clan, Ja'Fell clan by marriage

  • General info: Salomere is Dorcan's mother and is fiercely protective of her surviving children.

    On the run from a rival clan, Neremath and Salomere tend to hide in Being villages and towns with their wings hidden. As a rule, they prefer areas which are particularly hostile to Creatures, in the hopes that their enemies would not look for them there.
    Salomere commutes to a city some distance from her home which is somewhat more enlightened than her hometown. She works there for a small 'Cubi-run firm that provides customised dreams for their clients, using their natural abilities to do so. At home she claims to be an 'office manager'.

    Salomere is not particularly skilled at shapeshifting and has not had an education at SAIA, the 'Cubi academy. However, she is extremely good at illusion magic and like all members of Dynarith's Clan has a particular talent for making the best of a given situation.

  • Trivia:
    • Salomere's clan mark is on her left foot and she will invariably wear socks or stockings to cover it.
    • Her husband's love for motorcycles has rubbed off onto her as well, though she is nowhere near as passionate about them as he is.
    • Occasionally they will go touring together and they may occasionally drop their disguise when it is safe to do so.
    • When Neremath and Salomere first married, neither of them realised the other was a 'Cubi.
    • Her favourite colour is blue.

  • Updated: 27/05/2010

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