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  • Name: Julei Ja'Fell

  • Nicknames:

  • Race/Species: Husky Succubus

  • Age: 2916

  • Facebook: Mordrith Ja'Fell, Neremath Ja'Fell, Salomere Ja'Fell, Dorcan Ja'Fell

  • Occupation: Retired

  • Introduced: Strip #184

  • Diet: Piety, Lust, Terror

  • Clan Affiliation: Ja'Fell

  • General info: Julei is the wife of Mordrith, who formed Ja'Fell clan. Normally soft-spoken and kind, she does not consider herself to be in a position of authority on the running of the clan, but does advise Mordrith and provide second opinions. She is considerably less paranoid than her husband.

    A little younger than Mordrith, Julei was a fellow [redacted] member who acted as a spy for the clan. In the weeks running up to a proposed invasion, she would enter the town and using her looks and cunning, seduce a local Being to learn of the town's defences before finally murdering them and either consuming their soul outright or saving it for later.

    After a number of centuries, she married Mordrith and a little while later retired from her duties in order to raise a child. After the birth of their child, her husband became disaffected with the [redacted] way and began to think about defecting, leaving her awkwardly torn between her loyalty to Queen [redacted] and to her husband - who stood to lose his head and his soul if his views became known.
    Around the time the clan fell, the two of them broke faith with the Queen and fled, taking their young son, Neremath with them.

    Since then, she has renounced her evil past and adopted Mordrith's views that his Leader was insane and that Beings should be treated fairly.

  • Trivia:
    • Julei's original name was Julei Nadori-[redacted], prior to her joining Ja'Fell clan
    • Mordrith and Julei have taken to living in secret amongst Beings. Typically they take the guise of an elderly couple during the day.

  • Updated: 29/09/2011

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