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  • Name: Cassandra Da'Rill

  • Nicknames: Cass

  • Race/Species: Jackal Succubus

  • Age: 225

  • Facebook: Lord Ikaarion Daryil

  • Occupation: Dancer, Actress, Sexual Predator

  • Introduced:

  • Diet: Fear, Adoration, Lust

  • Clan Affiliation: Daryil

  • General info: Cassandra always wanted to be an actress when she grew up and eventually became one, to the surprise of her parents. Caught in the crossfire between her love of the spotlight and her naturally shy and timid personality, Cass has never taken a leading role, but has played a large number of minor characters including roles in several major films.
    To satisfy her love of glamorous clothing (and feed on some of the baser emotions) she will often work the cabaret circuit as an exotic dancer between film shoots.

    Cass is most widely known among Daryil clan for her occasional habit of breaking into Beings' homes, seducing them and pretending to devour their souls so as to feed upon their terror (to the great disapproval of her Clan Leader).
    Normally kind and cheerful, Cass' victims typically awake to discover a letter of apology and a cheque or money order for several thousand gold dollars.

  • Trivia:
    • Owing to their similar appearance, Cassandra has often impersonated Keaton Jyraneth while victimising Beings. She has been beaten up by the real Keaton on several occasions as a result.
    • Cass is shy and slightly awkward in company, something she fought hard to overcome in order to establish her career in entertainment. While she has developed ways to combat this, she often comes across as an airhead when caught away from the stage or camera.
    • Her clan mark is on her right shin.
    • Rumour has it that Daryil Clan has a small legal department dedicated solely to damage limitation regarding her antics.

  • Updated: 29/11/2011

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