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  • Name: Neremath Ja'Fell

  • Nicknames: Nem, Nick Gibson

  • Race/Species: Husky Incubus

  • Age: 625

  • Facebook: Salomere Ja'Fell, Dorcan Ja'Fell

  • Occupation: Auto mechanic

  • Introduced: Strip #97

  • Diet: Surprise, excitement, passion

  • Clan Affiliation: Ja'Fell

  • General info: Neremath is Dorcan's father.

    Renegade members of a larger clan, Neremath and Salomere tend to hide in Being villages and towns with their wings hidden. As a rule, they prefer areas which are particularly hostile to Creatures, in the hopes that their enemies would not look for them there.
    For this reason, Neremath has adopted the identity of a mechanic and works at the local garage.

    During his early childhood, Neremath was brought up to treat Beings with cruelty and contempt, which was typical of his clan at the time. When his family was forced to flee, he was told that this was no longer acceptable and that he should from now on respect Beings and think of them as equals.
    Not surprisingly, Neremath came away confused and developed a tendency to think of Beings as playthings. However, pretending to be one for the last few centuries has served to make him more appreciative of that race.
    As a result, he taught his own children to treat Beings with respect. Curiously, the Being invention of motorised transport was what truly won him over.

    Like many 'Cubi, Neremath can be a bit of a philanderer, though this has tailed off rather sharply since his marriage.

  • Trivia:
    • Neremath's clan mark is on his right shoulder.
    • He has a deep passion for motorcycles and racing.
    • Occasionally he will go touring with his wife and they may occasionally drop their disguise when it is safe to do so.
    • When Neremath and Salomere first married, neither of them realised the other was a 'Cubi.
    • Unlike his wife, Neremath has had a proper education at the Succubus and Incubus academy.

  • Updated: 19/05/2010

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