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431 - "I was greatly saddened by my death too."

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2016/07/27 - Dark Lord Rising

It wouldn't be a proper Lord of the Rings parody without Black Riders.

2016/07/25 - The Epsilon Project

Hah, we did manage to get this done in time.

In the DMFA universe, 'cubi have polymorphic wings that they can shift into tentacles, which as was explained a couple of chapters back, can be made razor-sharp and be used for killing people.

However, if you belong to a clan whose leader has ascended into tri-wing form, the tentacles will default to having little heads on the end and subconscious control, giving them the appearance of having minds of their own.

In the golden ages long past, there were hundreds of clans with a tri-winged leader, but after a hugely successful campaign of genocide waged by the Dragon race, there are about 13 known to survive.

Dark Lord Rising should be updating as usual Wednesday. The main comic will hopefully make it Friday, but we'll see. Not sure about Daxxon yet as things are still a little unsettled.

2016/07/23 - Niall's Story

WARNING - blood, violence. I have gone back and added a warning to the title page since apparently I forgot to do so.

Frankly I'm still a little indecisive about which version is best, I might even go back and swap them over. For now I've erred on the side of caution and used the less messy version - I'll upload the other on FA for those who are curious. Even so, it could still have been a lot, lot less tasteful.


You are reading page 431 of Project Future, a weekly strip inspired by Amber Williams' DMFA.

Hey, it's the guy this arc is named after.

Owing to RL, Merlin is still a bit behind on the comics so there is a chance Epsilon might slip. On the bright side, Keetah has come through with the new page of Niall's Story, so that should be up Saturday.

It may be slightly late owing to work commitments of the "watching-in-boredom-while-my-colleagues-get-shitfaced" kind, but we'll have to see.

Again, Epsilon and Dark Lord are still a bit up in the air, but we'll do our best.


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