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37-01 - Hiatus while Merlin recovers

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Project Future

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2022/01/17 - Xerian

Emily's update didn't make the deadline so I'll be running that next week. I've also got the sketch for next Epsilon, so hopefully we'll be seeing more comics back onstream soon. I do hope so because there's just two pages of Guillotine left now.

Meanwhile, here's Xerian being given an overview of how amazingly powerful Daryil is.

2022/01/014 - Guillotine (Page 4)

The third try.

Merlin has been healing more rapidly than expected but is still not back at full strength. Still, we should hopefully start to see things updating more often.

2022/01/10 - Xerian

Good news! Merlin felt well enough to draw a page of Xerian. I can't promise we'll be back at full capacity immediately, that depends how Merlin feels.

In theory Emily would update Wednesday but since Merlin is still recovering I would not be surprised if it's late or skipped.

2022/01/07 - Guillotine (Page 3)

In which they try a different design. In other news, Merlin is hoping to be drawing things again later this month. Whether that will include the Project Future stories, we'll have to see since they have a bunch of their own comics as well and I'm expecting things to slowly get back to normal rather than a sudden torrent of new comics. We shall see.

2021/12/30 - Guillotine (Page 2)

In which the execution is postponed. In other news, Merlin is healing faster than expectged but is still not well enough to draw comics, to their great disappointment.

2021/12/24 - Guillotine (Page 1)

Mary sees a slight problem. In other news, Merlin's surgery went well and they're recovering at home. This is likely to take some weeks, but Guillotine can run until the end of January if we need it to.

2021/12/17 - Guillotine (Title page)

Well, we didn't manage to get Epsilon updated in time, since beside all the stress and arrangements on Merlin's end their laptop fell over as well.
so, here's the cover page for the short story, Guillotine. Ever wondered what would happen if you built a guillotine the way they're drawn in webcomics? Well, we're going to find out.

As per the intermission page, Merlin will shortly be going in for jaw surgery and is likely to be out of action for several weeks. Hence the six-page short we're going to run in the meantime. I'll be updating that splash page as I hear back from them.

There's an outside possibility of one last Xerian update but at this point I'm going to assume that the comics will largely be frozen until mid January at the very least.

If anyone's interested, some kind soul has created a TV Tropes entry for Project Future. So if anyone wants to help flesh it out, that would be nice.


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