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What is Project Future?

'Project Future' was the name of a flip-screen arcade game for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC, dating from about 1985. It is the name of at least one housing development and also the name of this webcomic, though apart from one of the comic's characters stealing the name from the videogame, it bears no resemblance to it or the housing developments in any way.

This Project Future - the comic - is an unofficial story which is set in the universe of Amber Williams' DMFA comic. You might want to check the links at this point if that name means nothing to you, though the comic should be equally readable on its own. The comic officially updates on Saturdays, though in practice it is often up around 8PM on Friday evenings, UK time.

I suck at describing things like this, so that'll have to do for now. I'll probably add to it later. Or, if you think you can do a better job of describing it, drop me a line.


Project Future was written and conceived by J. P. Morris - sometimes also known as 'DOUG the Eagle' or 'Tapewolf' - and illustrated by S. Steblinskiy, otherwise known as 'Ren Gaulen'. Thanks also go out to - among others - Amber Williams, for creating DMFA and inspiring me to do something as stupid as running a webcomic, to Keaton the Black Jackal for her help with proofreading, additional writing, artwork and so on. I'd also like to thank llearch for writing the IBAE comic engine, Damaris and Darkmoon for the forum space. From the way I'm writing the credits, I've spent too long working on radio plays.

Additional Info

For a quick rundown of the world, check the two-part Demonology which begins here. You might also check out the cast pages, though be aware that they do contain spoilers. You might also want to run over the demonology on the DMFA website itself, though there may be a few slight discrepancies as I'm working from an incomplete model of DMFA.
Do not bug Amber with questions about Project Future as she'll simply think you're a fool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the android system based on DOS?

A: The internal monitoring system is based on the QNX Neutrino kernel, an embedded OS used in medical equipment and other safety-critical environments. Note that this is not actually responsible for the android's consciousness, it's just a systems diagnostics program.

What you're seeing on the screens is something else again - the utility to configure the android strength and activate Josh after his rebirth is 'RpMon', which executes on a DEC VAX-11/785 cluster running VMS.
Terminals providing access to the cluster are scattered throughout the base. Which version of VMS they are running is something you will have to ask Ashley.


Q: When is it set relative to DMFA?

A: It's tentatively set 150 years after the events of present-day DMFA. Bear in mind that this strip will probably not match DMFA canon 100% - it might be best to consider it one of several possible futures.


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