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  • Name: Jakob Pettersohn

  • Nicknames: Jakob, Yak, Jakob Daryil, Kristofer Ausmann

  • Race/Species: Timberwolf Incubus

  • Age: 1050

  • Facebook: Niall Jakobsohn, Lord Ikaarion Daryil, Ashley Daryil, Lord Page, Petter Josefsohn (father).

  • Occupation: Lead researcher and MD of Jayhawk Cybernetics

  • Introduced: Strip #29

  • Death: 30 years prior

  • Diet: Doesn't eat much. Fond of pasties. Gets a kick out of fear and wonder.

  • Clan Affiliation: Daryil

  • General info: Jakob is very taciturn, both about his past and about the research he is currently performing. This may have something to do with the fact that he is officially reported as dead, having been shot and decapitated in Woe Forest by a bounty hunter.

    Reports are that Jakob, under the alias of 'Kristofer Ausmann' is in fact the majority shareholder in Jayhawk, a mysterious corporation that appeared more-or-less out of nowhere with a line in advanced prosthetics. Jakob (as Kris) is technically the Managing Director, but has delegated the day-to-day running of the business to others in order to pursue his own researches in a remote location, ostensibly into cryogenic suspension. Observers suspect that this may be a front for less wholesome lines of inquiry, though nothing can be proven.

    Jakob was born to Delphinia and Petter Josefsohn in an isolated farming community, just over a millenia ago. His father suddenly disappeared about the time Jakob turned five, and he was presumed to have been slain by bandits or some kind of local anti-wing group. While Izak left to study in one of the big cities, Jakob remained to help his mother with the farm until he too disappeared at roughly the same age as his father had. It turned out that the pair of them were incubi, taken forcibly into the Succubus and Incubus Academy as part of an experimental program by Fa'Lina.

    Though Jakob took to life at the Academy like a duck to water, he never forgot that he had once believed himself to be a Being and retained an empathy with the race for the rest of his life. Four hundred years later, he left the Academy to experience life outside once more.

    Settling in the city-state of Ha'Khun, where he became a favourite of the city's founder, Lord Page (alias Azrael), Jakob disappeared about the time Johan Cross arrived on the scene. While Jakob later claimed to be Cross, his mild, approachable manner was in such contrast to that of the cruel dictator that most people dismissed this out of hand. It is far more likely that he was incarcerated as one of the tyrant's many enemies, and driven insane. When the dungeons were finally thrown open, many other prisoners made similar claims.

    Although recovered from his imprisonment and otherwise sane in most regards, Pettersohn retained this fixation with Cross, even producing a documentary in support of his claims. Ironically, it was this very film which ultimately attracted the bounty hunters responsible for his death. Opinion remains divided as to whether there really was any link between Pettersohn and Cross, though they are both officially listed as deceased.

  • Trivia:
    • Jakob has often remarked that Warp-Aci 'are for girls'.
    • Jakob has somehow earned the enmity of the Nagristi Brotherhood, a militant demon-led movement based around the clan of the same name.
    • His name is pronounced 'Ya-kob', not 'Jacob'.
    • Jakob is ambidextrous.

  • Updated: 23/06/2009

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