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  • Name: Commander Phillip Ashford

  • Nicknames: Ashford

  • Race/Species: Fox Being

  • Age: 42

  • Facebook: Katherine Beatrix Imenwati-Jyraneth, Joshua Oswald

  • Occupation: Commander of a Starfire Intelligence regional HQ

  • Introduced: Strip #33

  • Death(s): Strip #103

  • Diet: Food

  • General info: Ashford was the head of a regional headquarters of the Starfire Intelligence Agency, a group tasked with keeping the world relatively peaceful. The organisations main goal is to investigate and root out any large-scale threats. Ashford, being notoriously paranoid (to say nothing of ruthless) had a particular interest in supervillains, organised crime and conspiracies.
    Ashford believed that Furrae was in the grip of a worldwide conspiracy run by a group he referred to as The Subtle Paw, and this somewhat eccentric belief left him the butt of many jokes both inside and outside of the organisation. However, where such conspiracies did truly exist, he would invariably find them and it was this which kept him in charge, despite causing a number of rather embarrassing incidents.
    At the end of the day, despite his often callous disregard for people he considered to pose a threat, Ashford genuinely believed that what he was doing was for the good of all. He was eventually killed and impersonated by Keaton Jyraneth when their interests conflicted.

  • Trivia:
    • Ashford's somewhat chequered career only really came into its own when he teamed up with his secretary.
    • Following his death, Keaton put his soul to good use powering his own desk lamp.

  • Updated: 27/05/2010

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