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  • Name: Panther R-MAC

  • Nicknames: Mac

  • Race/Species: Cybernetic Panther (feral)

  • Age: 20

  • Facebook: Kristofer Ausmann, Farlane

  • Occupation: Patrolling the base, head of the panther division

  • Introduced: Strip #18

  • Diet: p + 11B

  • General Info: Panther R-MAC was created as a semi-intelligent guard for an air base in a parallel dimension populated by humans. Kris, on the lookout for new technologies to assist in his own research, happened to be visiting that realm. Farlane, R-MAC and a number of other AIs were among those he brought back to his own world.

    Panthers of R-MAC's type are created with just a basic memory set by default. The idea is that they learn and grow on their own. Those who display special talent are upgraded and granted names. R-MAC was not among those, but Kris performed the upgrades anyway as a means of checking that he understood the technology involved. He also nicknamed him 'Mac', which seems like a small gesture but meant a lot to the panther.

    Using the design documents in the possession of Farlane, Kris created a number of other panthers to act as guards for his own base - with considerably better perks and general treatment than they had received on their homeworld. Mac is the head of the panther team, reporting to Farlane.

  • Trivia:
    • For a purpose-built killing machine, Mac has a particularly sunny disposition. However, the way his face is constructed often makes it difficult for people to tell.
    • Mac is a little suspicious of magic, not only because it is new to him and outside his experience, but also because teleportation, disguises and similar magic play hell with his ability to monitor the base.
    • Mac's armoured body is made of a top-secret alloy known as 'blackmetal' which is impervious to most conventional attacks. It has to be exposed to a specific wavelength of radiation for at least three hours in order to become malleable enough to be worked.

  • Updated: 20/08/2008

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