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  • Name: Kristofer Ausmann

  • Nicknames: Kris

  • Race/Species: Arctic wolf Angel

  • Age: 60?

  • Facebook: Nilson Ausmann, Lord Ikaarion Daryil, his employees

  • Occupation: Lead researcher, Jayhawk Cybernetics R&D

  • Introduced: Strip #4

  • Diet: Varies. Fond of pasties.

  • General info: Kris is very taciturn, both about his past and about the research he is currently performing. He has a marked dislike for Warp-Acis, but is tolerant and accepting of most other races.

    Reports are that Kris is in fact the majority shareholder in Jayhawk, a mysterious corporation that appeared more-or-less out of nowhere with a line in advanced prosthetics. At one time the Managing Director, Kris delegated the role to others in order to pursue his own researches in a remote location, ostensibly into cryogenic suspension. Observers suspect that this may be a front for less wholesome lines of inquiry, though nothing can be proven.

    Kris has somehow earned the enmity of the Nagristi Brotherhood, a militant demon-led movement based around the clan of the same name.

    No verifiable reports of Ausmann can be found prior to about 60 years ago. While it is possible that this is his true age, it would make him exceptionally young for an Angel of his talent. There are some reports of links to the notorious crime-lord Johan Cross, prior to his death.

  • Trivia:
    • Kris has a marked disdain for Warp-Aci
    • He has a charm to conceal his wings

  • Updated: 20/08/2008

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