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  • Name: Dorcan Ja'Fell

  • Nicknames: Dorcan

  • Race/Species: Doberman Pinscher Incubus

  • Age: 300

  • Facebook: Salomere Ja'Fell, Neremath Ja'Fell

  • Occupation: None (recent graduate)

  • Introduced: Strip #51

  • Death(s): Strip #51

  • Diet: p + 11B. Previously surprise and fear with the occasional pastry dish.

  • Clan Affiliation: Ja'Fell

  • General info: Dorcan has a reputation for being something of a dreamer, which leads others to believe that he is none too bright. In actual fact he is reasonably clever, though inexperienced, forgetful and occasionally downright stupid.

    This aside, he is a kind individual who is willing to stand up for what he believes is right. Out of general courtesy and the superstitions of his clan, he was brought up to treat Beings well.

    Dorcan was born in a Being village, his parents and siblings disguising themselves to mingle in. This particular village was deeply hostile to Creatures, one of the last places their clan's enemies would think to search for them. This proved to be a false hope and they were indeed attacked, the Ja'Fell family breaking disguise to repel the invaders. Several of Dorcan's brothers died in the defence of their village. Out of 'gratitude' for their help, the elders grudgingly permitted the family to remain, until Dorcan and his sister finally came of age and were sent to the Succubus and Incubus Academy in the hopes that they would have a better start to life than either of their parents.

    Dorcan spent the next 275 years as a student, before settling in an all-Being town. Sadly, he was exposed as a 'Cubi and executed shortly afterwards, leaving his parents and grandparents devastated.

    Shortly after his death, Dorcan's soul was stolen by Niall and later downloaded into an android replica of his former self.

  • Trivia:
    • As with all Ja'Fell Clan members, Dorcan's natural clan mark has been modified to change its appearance in the hopes that their clan's ancient enemies will not recognise them.
    • Dorcan has a strong grudge against the Rhu'Hahn clan who attacked his home village and slew two of his brothers.
    • His appearance comes from his mother's side, with the exception of his wings which resemble those of his father's more powerful clan.
    • Dorcan holds a motorcycle licence. He is also pretty good at videogames.
    • He does not take kindly to being called 'Dork'.

  • Updated: 27/05/2010

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