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  • Name: Ashley Daryil

  • Nicknames: Ash, Rikkard Ashley (birth name), Oskar van Erikson

  • Race/Species: Siberian Lynx Incubus

  • Age: 500

  • Facebook: Jakob Pettersohn, employer), Lord Ikaarion Daryil

  • Occupation: Lead programmer/VMS support, Jayhawk Cybernetics R&D

  • Introduced: Strip #38

  • Diet: Doesn't need to eat. Fond of rabbit. Like the rest of his clan, he gets a kick out of fear and wonder.

  • Clan Affiliation: Daryil

  • General info: A stereotypical computer geek, Ashley is quiet and tends to keep to himself. His speciality is in maintaining Jakob's computer infrastructure, centred around a cluster of Digital VAX 11/785 machines which Jakob is believed to have taken from SAIA when they were retired. It is testimony to Ashley's skill that these machines are working better than the day they were made, despite being approximately 250 years old.

    The security system, all the general automation within the base and the control software used by Joshua's synthetic body were designed by Ashley, with input and guidance from Farlane.

  • Trivia:
    • Ashley is good at scrabble. He will also cheat if given half the chance.
    • Ashley and Jakob have known each other for many centuries and it is interesting to note that Johan Cross' main henchman was also a lynx.
    • Ashley was originally born a Being with Demon ancestry but was later recruited into Daryil's Clan and converted into a 'Cubi at Jakob's behest. Because of this he is considerably less powerful or adept than most of his clan-mates.
    • Ashley's original name was 'Rikkard Ashley'. Following his acceptance into Clan Daryil he took the name 'Ashley Daryil' and discarded his first name entirely.

  • Updated: 14/01/2009

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