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  • Name: Lord Ikaarion Daryil

  • Nicknames: Daryil, "That maniac"

  • Race/Species: Fox Incubus

  • Age: 4200

  • Facebook: His clan, Jakob Pettersohn

  • Occupation: Ruling his clan, causing a public nuisance

  • Introduced: Strip #19

  • Diet: Fear and wonder, incredulity

  • Clan Affiliation: Daryil

  • General info: Daryil's background is a little murky. No-one really knows what his parent clan was, and he isn't telling. After four thousand years, he may even have forgotten. Whoever they were, their original leader was assassinated during the Clan Wars. Daryil put himself forward as the successor, but lost to a rival candidate. In a fit of pique, he branched the clan using a variety of complex spells and ingenious feats of fakery where his own powers failed him. Thus, Clan Daryil was born.

    Daryil has always been known for his eccentric - some would say insane - behaviour, leaving some of the more 'traditional' members of his race horrified, in particular by the thought of him reproducing. Once the clan had grown to a certain size, he used a rather novel method of ensuring that it remained manageable which will not be detailed here.

    Having already decried the creation of his clan as irresponsible, Daryil's ever more inventive metabiological experiments - in particular the spells he wove to give the clan members fake heads upon their wing-tentacles - outraged his peers, leading the more vocal of his opponents to decry his clan as somehow being fraudulent. Many gloss over them, and some refuse to acknowledge that Clan Daryil even exists.

    Despite his often immature behaviour and a weakness for practical jokes, Daryil and most of the rest of his clan have generally been sympathetic to Beings and what some would deem 'lesser Creatures'.

  • Trivia:
    • Daryil 'bats for the other team', as the saying goes.
    • Daryil is one of the major investors in Jayhawk Cybernetics.
    • His clan-mark is on the underside of his left wrist. He will tend to wear a shirt if he needs to conceal it.

  • Updated: 06/03/2010

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