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  • Name: Nilson Ausmann

  • Nicknames: Nil

  • Race/Species: Fox Angel

  • Age: unknown

  • Facebook: Kristofer Ausmann, Kirian

  • Occupation: Researcher, Jayhawk Cybernetics R&D

  • Introduced: Strip #5

  • Diet: Varies. Fond of chicken.

  • General info: Like his father, Nilson is very tight-lipped about the research they are engaged in.

    His mother, a vixen Being, died shortly after his birth, so he has only ever known Kris as a parent. Appearance-wise he has taken after her, which is normally the case when a Creature and Being interbreed.

    His precise age is sheer guesswork - as an Angel it could be anything from around 23 onwards.

    Nilson has a warp-aci named Kirian whom he summoned as a familiar.

  • Trivia:
    • Nilson is fanatically anti-death-penalty and is suspected of having helped numerous condemned criminals escape justice.
    • He has a love of flash clothes and shiny things.
    • Like his father, Nilson has a charm to allow him to conceal his wings.

  • Updated: 20/08/2008

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