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  • Name: Kirian

  • Nicknames: "That little creep"

  • Race/Species: Warp Aci

  • Age: 5?

  • Facebook: Nilson Ausmann

  • Occupation: Nilson's pet

  • Introduced: Strip #9

  • Diet: Junk food, whatever she can liberate from the kitchens

  • General info: Kirian is a small, sexless creature composed entirely of dark magic. Summoned from a very different realm devoid of sensation, 'she' has ability to slice open the dimensional boundaries with her tail, enabling instantaneous travel.

    To Kris' exasperation, Kirian has proven to be mentally unbalanced and will often run rampant - particularly in the kitchens - unless a close eye is kept upon her.

    Despite her many foibles, Kirian is affectionate and means well. She has frequently been invaluable to her master.

  • Trivia:
    • Kirian loves food, but is not particularly discriminating. So far, the research base staff have managed to keep her preoccupied with bargain basement snacks.

  • Updated: 20/08/2008

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