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  • Name: Lord Page

  • Nicknames: Azrael, Page

  • Race/Species: Snow Leopard Angel

  • Age: 1225 (including death)

  • Facebook: Jakob Pettersohn

  • Occupation: None, previously ruler of Ha'Khun

  • Introduced: Strip #24

  • Death: 550 years prior

  • Diet: p + 11B

  • General info: From an early age, Page decided that if he could do one thing with his life, he wanted to make things better for as many people as he could. Many Being towns were intolerant of Creatures, and many Creature settlements were intolerant of Beings. Page simply wanted everyone to get along. Denounced as a hopeless idealist and a dreamer by his parents, Page left home in his late teens.

    On his own, he took to the sword - mostly for self-defence, but also for the occasional coin. It may also be that he saw the role of defending people from rogue Creatures as a way to make their lives better. Either way, he eventually came across the market village of Ha'Khun, then plagued by bandits. At the villagers' behest, he defended their settlement, but in true Angel fashion, he exacted a certain price in exchange for his services - a place on the village council.

    Gradually the other councillors came to depend upon Page's insight more and more until he effectively became ruler of the council, and by extension the village itself. From this position of power, he opened the Being-centric village up to peoples of all races, so long as they obeyed the laws and committed no violence. Under his guidance and able to harness the strengths of many races, Ha'Khun thrived and became a town, a city and then an entire realm.

    This expansion caused logistical problems, and Page began to look to Being technology to solve them. Outwardly he began to experiment with water-mills and similar technologies to produce more flour and lower the cost of bread, while in secret he had already developed upon an ambitious plan to steal more advanced technology from other realms, such as Earth.

    When he was approached by Jakob Pettersohn, fresh out of the 'Cubi academy, the two of them hit off and together they brought Page's plan to fruition, spending a short time on Earth in 1968. Pleased at their successes, Page - who began to call himself 'Azrael' in homage to a song by The Nice - made Jakob joint ruler of the city.

    The next hundred years saw untold prosperity, until Azrael was murdered in a failed coup brought about by three half-Demons. Left as the sole ruler, a distraught Jakob spent the next three hundred years slowly drifting into insanity as he attemped to either resurrect Azrael or avenge his death. Following his final victory over the Demons, Jakob left Ha'Khun to try to atone for the sins of his tyrannical rule.
    He never forgot his promise to resurrect Page if it was at all possible, but it took another 250 years before he succeeded.

  • Trivia:
    • Azrael was about 675 when he was killed
    • Azrael has a passion for psychedelic music

  • Updated: 02/04/2012

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