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  • Name: Tri-wings

  • Typical Lifespan: indefinite

  • See: 'Cubi

  • At A Glance:
    • A normal 'Cubi who has ascended to a higher form
    • Associated with the creation of a new clan
    • Extremely large, third pair of wings, clan mark on chest
    • Clans with a tri-winged leader are more powerful
    • Ascension is usually fatal, Tri-wings are left sterile

  • General Info: A tri-wing is a very, very rare type of incubus or succubus who has managed to ascend into a higher lifeform.

    Also known as Clan Leaders or Founders, Tri-Wings are a form of 'Cubi. They are very rare and are the result of an individual increasing their powers to the point at which they are able to ascend to a new form of life. This process also allows them to form a new clan consisting of their descendants, and optionally other interested parties.

    Upon ascending, the incubus or succubus will have their clan mark (or a new one) move from its original position to the middle of their chest. They will gain a third pair of wings attached at their hips. A Tri-Wing is also exceptionally large, approximately 50ft, unless they have used their shapeshifting abilities to assume a more conventional size.

    A Tri-Winged Clan Leader will be connected to the living members of their clan, and vice-versa. These individuals will become considerably more powerful than 'Cubi from a more conventional clan.

    Unlike normal 'Cubi, a Tri-Wing consists almost entirely of magic. This has advantages and disadvantages.
    On the plus side, they no longer need to feed upon emotions or other energy sources as their own life processes generate energy in such quantities that the surplus is spread among their clan members, making them more powerful (as mentioned). This also gives them an indefinite lifespan, makes them significantly less vulnerable to dying by conventional means, and renders them capable of astonishing magical feats.

    On the flipside, they are no longer able to reproduce since they have shed most of their corporeal nature, so the clan will depend upon on the reproductive activity of the Tri-Wing's descendants in order for the clan to retain its size or grow. A Tri-Winged leader will often refer to their clan members as their 'Children', regardless of actual parentage.

    Another disadvantage of ascension is that the sheer power and might of a Tri-Wing has caused other races to view them as a threat or rivals - the Dragon War can be attributed to this.
    If the tri-wing is slain, the shock will be devastating to the surviving members of the clan and typically causes insanity. Likewise, a tri-wing who loses their clan will be driven insane and it is not unusual for them to commit suicide in their grief.


    Most Tri-Wings will create one or more projections or avatars of themselves which they use to interact with their clan members since their large base size can be inconvenient.
    These projections can vary in power and ability, but prior to the Destania Incident they were used only sparingly since Dragons were able to use them to travel to and slay the Tri-Wing controlling it.
    However, for lesser foes it has the distinct advantage that its 'death' is merely an inconvenience to the tri-wing.

    Since the avatar is a construct, it is not subject to the restrictions of a real 'cubi such as the clan mark, or in the case of a tri-wing, physical size. Depending on how much effort and detail has been put into the avatar, it may or may not emit emotions or thoughts. A well-built avatar is indistinguishable from a living person.


    A Tri-Wing also has an aura, which will cause unusual effects in those around them. The effect varies per Tri-Wing, and only occurs in the presence of the actual leader, not a projection. Jin, for example, has a healing and calming effect on those in her presence, and Daryil, following his ascension, provides clarity of thought.
    A Tri-Wing can also perceive the memories of a clan member in their presence, and this has traditionally been their primary means of gathering news of the world outside their safe-haven.


    The process of ascension is very dangerous in and of itself. There are a number of ways which have been used, though many of these no longer work owing to some long-ago change at the cosmic level which may or may not have been caused by the Dragon Race. The means most likely to succeed involves increasing energy by means of consuming many souls, not a particularly appealing prospect.

    In the 100'000 year history of the 'Cubi race, there have been countless attempts at ascension, but only about 200-300 were successful. Most of those who did ascend were destroyed or otherwise wiped out during the Dragon Wars. Prior to the Destania Incident there were approximately 12 living Clan Leaders, plus a number of others rumoured to be still alive but in hiding.

  • Updated: 18/01/2013

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