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  • Name: Dragons

  • Typical Lifespan: unknown

  • At A Glance:
    • Apparently extinct in Furrae
    • Originated on another plane
    • Two forms, nearly indestructible in full form
    • Extremely powerful

  • General Info: Dragons are not native to the plane of Furrae and are no longer found there.
    For most of Furrae's existence the Dragons have been present, and it is believed that, together with the Fae, they may have been responsible for the creation of the Furrae universe and most of the races which came to inhabit it. It is known that they treated it as a plaything, an unimportant part of the multiverse which no-one would miss if it was destroyed.

    Some 150 years ago, during what became known as 'The Destania Incident', all Dragons on Furrae disappeared. The Fae are also said to have disappeared during this time though the cause may not be the same.

    As a race, most Dragons on Furrae were arrogant and cared little for the other 'lesser' races. Some were ambivalent, others hostile to races they saw as possible threats or rivals. A faction led by Hizell instigated a war against the 'Cubi and allegedly other races as well with an eye to their total extinction, something which would likely have occurred without the intervention of Fa'Lina and the 'Cubi academy she created in a dimensional bubble which intruders could not penetrate.

    It is because of their persecution against the 'Cubi race that Destania is said to have somehow engineered the banishment or destruction of all or most Dragons on the Furrae plane in order to save her own kind. It is likely that Dragons still do exist elsewhere, spread as they are across the multiverse.

  • Updated: 26/01/2013

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