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Demonography Race Image
  • Name: Demons

  • Typical Lifespan: 1500 years

  • See: Angels, 'Cubi

  • At A Glance:
    • Leathery wings, horns
    • Typically darker colours
    • Powerful dark magic
    • Extremely strong, unlimited stamina.
    • Skin can be hardened for protection or sharpened for offense
    • Most common Creature race

  • General Info: Demons are a race of magic Creatures with leathery, dragon-like wings on their backs. They should not be confused with demons from Christian mythology, and are not necessarily evil, though a great many of them are callous, especially in their earlier years.


    Like Angels, Demons are extremely strong and have fast reflexes. They are exceptionally powerful with dark magic, but unlike Angels, they prefer to rely on brute force and domination rather than intrigue or manipulation as Angels do.

    Young Demons, especially those who are not pure-blooded, are often encouraged or expected to prove their strength and worthiness, typically by rampaging and causing mayhem. As a rule, Demons who are not hunted down and slain for their crimes will grow out of this after a few centuries. Even so, thanks to these actions and the fact that the Demons are the most numerous Creatures, Beings tend to judge all Creatures by the actions of the Demon race.

    Unlike the competitive and rivalrous Angel race, Demons are very much family-oriented. Interestingly, their belief system that the strong should rule over the weak means that many Demons will not usually seek revenge for a fallen comrade or family member, instead believing that the killer must be a person of worth in order to have defeated them.

    Demons have a lot in common with Angels - their abilities and powers are extremely similar and the chief differences between the two races are rooted in social customs and upbringing, rather than physical differences between them. The two races get on very well as a whole.

    Demons have the ability to devour a Being-sized individual in a remarkably short space of time. They need to eat quite a lot as they have high metabolisms.

  • Updated: 26/01/2013

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